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"You often hear the saying that the difference between a good farmer and an average farmer is a week. What that week means is information; so to be able to make decisions a week earlier you’ve actually got to have information and data to do so. That’s where the information out of Trev is so great because you get to clearly see how you’re tracking". - Sam Waugh, Farm Manager, Donald’s Farm

Whether you’re after per cow production, feeding levels, nutrient applications, round length, pasture surplus, stock and feed recs or loss rates, all the KPIs you know and need to gauge farm performance are automatically calculated for you. Trev is designed to drive productive, profitable and sustainable insights to share across your farming business - all in less than 10 minutes a week. See how Trev helps deliver better productivity, profitability and sustainability outcomes through the use cases below.


Eyes are often needed across the business to identify what farms or parts of the system need urgent attention. Using Trev, stakeholders are able to correlate what’s happening on farm with production data brought in daily to make better decisions. By keeping track of things like mob details, supplementary feed levels and how many days of feed is left, wastage can be minimised. For example, seeing nutrient application and pasture production plotted together in Trev provides a simple insight to farms where nutrient loss may be a problem, or where action could be taken to ensure the right fertiliser is put in the right place at the right time.

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By embedding a good weekly reporting process, farmers have up to date information to help make the right decisions to drive business profitability. Performance can be reviewed in real time against plans - and with current farm inflation levels we know it’s even more important to keep track of key costs. For example, Trev has an integration with Figured, which enables animal sales, purchases, deaths and transfer information captured in Trev to safely be recorded in Figured for financial and compliance reporting. Utilising Trev’s Farm Dairy Records functionality, Fonterra suppliers can also use their Trev data to assist in populating their Co-Operative Difference reporting requirements, positioning them well to capture the 7-10c per kgMS milk price premium on offer.

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Trev takes a “waste reduction” approach, providing the tools and functionality to help farmers capture sustainability and compliance information that can be shared quickly and easily to those who need it. For example, Trev can demonstrate the ability for adjacent farms, allowing for known differences in management practice, to deduce the influence of nitrogen application or stocking rate on overall productivity. Trev also has the capability to build customised charts for a farm’s key resource inputs and production outcomes helping farmers to better understand the impact of their sustainability initiatives and/or reduce their environmental footprint.

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