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An all round good bugger and bit of a legend.

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So who exactly is this Trev rooster?

Inspired by a bit of kiwi farming folklore, Trev is trusty, independent and reliable. An all round good bugger and bit of a legend. 

Trev’s that mate you want to have a beer with. The one always up for a yarn and can be trusted to keep things to himself. He’s one of the good guys that you can lean on for support. With no hidden agenda you know damn well Trev’s always going to give it to you straight.

Trev’s conception.

Trev was born from a real life challenge to monitor farm performance. Back in 2012 Trev’s founder oversaw the business performance of a 14,000+ cow dairy operation that had a wide geographical spread meaning it was impossible to be on-farm 24/7. 

Eyes were needed across the business to keep on top of what was happening and to know what farms or parts of the farm system needed urgent attention. More importantly, information needed to be relevant and up-to-date with a reporting process that wasn’t wasting farm managers' time.

Like many farm operations, a spreadsheet based reporting system was developed that, while it largely did the job, didn’t completely solve for the time required to collect, cleanse and collate data to be able to aid snappy decision making without the headache.

What was needed was a tool to easily record and aggregate operational information that could handle the specifics of farming... less time mucking around with data and more time making use of it. It was essential to have something that provided up-to-date information, was fit for purpose and easy to use (spreadsheets just weren't cutting the mustard anymore).  On top of that, a tool that enabled all the handy info to be easily shared with relevant stakeholders. 

After five years of prototyping and testing in June 2018 Trev was switched on. 

Farm reporting shouldn’t be a burden.

As farmers we’re expected to manage a complex business and the process of gathering and sharing information can sometimes be challenging and time consuming.  A fundamental driver for Trev is making sure our farmers spend less time maintaining on-farm info.

Right from day dot the focus has been on what info can be collected, how long it takes to gather, and ultimately whether it is genuinely worth the time investment.  Trev’s reporting process is divided into practical bite size chunks to ensure that it gets done in less than 10 minutes a week.

Take stock from a distance.

It’s important that we have visibility of what’s happening on-farm but sometimes we need to be able to do this at a distance. Sometimes not all the people in your trusted circle can be on the ground, all the time. Another key driver for Trev was to enable remote collaboration, connecting the farm, staff, directors, owners, rural professionals and sometimes even neighbours.

Safe and sound.

With Trev, your data is your data and you’re in control. Information is stored securely in the cloud and only accessible by the stakeholders that you choose to share it with, at the level you see fit.

Your information is always readily available so if further analysis is required your raw data is on call at the click of a button.

Proudly New Zealand owned.

Trev’s owned and operated in New Zealand. We stand on our own two feet and come from a truly independent position with no hidden agendas or backers. Trev is free from influence which means development is 100% led by our farmer needs.

Trev has the ballsy goal to be the go-to farm reporting and productive insights platform for New Zealanders. We believe all farmers should have access to world class software that genuinely drives decisions to increase productivity, profitability or risk mitigation.

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