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Take advantage of a farm reporting system built for today’s environment.

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Farm systems can be complicated but your farm reporting doesn’t need to be. Use Trev to build a database of operational information and with our carefully tailored dashboards easily get a handle on what’s happening on your farm and where you need to focus attention.

Gain back time.

Reduce the amount of time your business spends on the farm reporting process with Trev, while still capturing what you need.

Make better decisions.

Like all good mates, you can depend on Trev to give it to you straight. Have confidence in your data for timely and informed decisions.

Get the team across it.

Building your database is only half the challenge - you also have to communicate with your team. Easily share Trev with whoever you need to.
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Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Build your own database of operational information.

Data Collection Tool

Build your database on a platform that's easy to use and specifically designed for farmers.

Completing Reports

Complete your weekly farm reporting process in less than 10 minutes per week.

Customisable Modules

Pick the modules that work for your farm. Pasture, Supplements, Livestock, Fertiliser, R&M, Environment, Compliance and more.

Inter-farm Transfers

Maintain accurate records with automated transfers between farms.

Quick Add

Want to build details on the fly?


Your data on its own is great but it's even more powerful when given context. Pair your farm with industry partners to gain another level of insight.

Data Integrations

Seamlessly pair your farm with industry data to gain another level of insight.

Aggregrate Across Farms

Spend less time wrangling your data and more time extracting value from it.


View your farm data in user-friendly dashboards and reports so you can monitor trends, stay across compliance, and make on-farm decisions.

Single Farm Reports

Drill into the specifics for a farm, or get a short sharp rundown of the current situation.

Multi-Farm Dashboard

All your data on one dashboard. Whether you’ve got one, five or fifty farms, monitor and compare performance across the board.

Detailed Reports

Break it down or build it up. Get down and dirty with your data using custom filters to get exactly what you need.

Track Against Targets

Know exactly how you’re tracking against budget with customisable targets for all the key metrics, such as milk production or APC.


Get powerful insights into what’s happening across your operation. Use Trev’s smarts to discover trends and patterns in your data for swift decision making.

Gap Analysis

Quickly identify and drill into the key drivers of productivity variance between farms.


Set rule based Triggers to instantly know when peculiarities start to emerge.

Visualise Individual KPIs

Build and set custom charts and tables to drill into the detail you want to see.


Connect the farm, staff, shareholders, consultants and discussion groups. With Trev, you’re in control of your data and can share what you want with who you want, when you want.

Figured Integration

Pair your farm and financials for top-notch decision making.

Trev API

Automatically transfer data to your farm’s internal business system.

Sharing Your Info

With Trev, you’re in control of your data so you can share what you need to, with who you need to, when you need to.


Farm access levels ensure that stakeholders can only see and edit what they need to and nothing they don’t.

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