Trev is your trusty farm reporting mate

An easy to use farm reporting tool that gives you and your stakeholders the lay of the land.

Like all good mates, Trev is here to share the load.

Trev helps capture timely and reliable information to build an electronic vault of your farm’s operational data. This includes pasture management, supplementary feed, livestock, cow condition, milk production, compliance matters and more. Once you’ve started building your farm intelligence database Trev helps you to gauge on-farm performance across multiple companies, business units and system types.

Get it done in less than 10.

Trev is big on efficiency. When it comes to recording data you’ll only be asked for the critical information, making reporting a breeze and doable in less than 10 minutes.

Share the right info with the right people.

A trusted confidante, Trev is great at sharing the right level of detail. Create outputs for farm managers, senior managers, shareholders, farm consultants or even your neighbours. Automatically download a range of PDF reports and dashboards, or generate web links to share unique reports in real time.

Do it once and do it right.

Ever reliable, Trev knows what the go is and will help you figure a few things out. Take advantage of the range of live reports to:

  • Compare individual farms to quickly identify performance outliers
  • Create reports to assess performance at a hub, regional or company level
  • Facilitate discussion group data sharing with intra/inter company benchmarking
  • Monitor trends and delve deeper into areas of interest
  • Stay across compliance matters with traffic light dashboards


Data Capture

Quick and easy collection of data for pasture, supplementary feed, livestock management, compliance and general commentary.

Electronic Vault

Data you collect is held in your own farm intelligence database that can be easily accessed whenever you need it.

Live Dashboards

Choose from a range of dashboards that cut your data without getting too technical, providing oversight across your operation.


Bring a range of stakeholders into the same conversation. Provide access to farm staff, management, boards, shareholders and others.


Compare the performance of farms across multiple companies, business units and system types.

Customised Reporting

Generate custom reports for specific farms and control the level of detail to enable sensitive information sharing.

Access From Anywhere

Based in the cloud, Trev is accessible from anywhere, on any device at any time. All you need is an internet connection and web browser.

Safe and Secure

Your data is always safe, secure and under your control. Transmitted via SSL encryption, nothing is ever exposed.

Export Data

Your data is your data. Easily create PDF dashboards or download the data behind your reports in CSV format to perform advanced calcs.

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Trev annual subscriptions start from $500 per farm. A one-off $100 per farm onboarding fee also applies.

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  • “With multiple farms in multiple regions, we needed a tool that enabled our team on the ground to provide a regular and consistent data feed into head office. The data we collate is used to prepare a range of reports at different levels; this includes individual farm reports for our sharemilkers to review their own performance and share with their staff, benchmarking reports for internal management and the Board of Directors, as well as compliance reporting to ensure we're on top of our game.”Craig McBeth, CEO, Dairy Farms NZ