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Whether it’s grass growth, body condition score, or recording fertiliser applications, New Zealand farms are entering an age of data that offers a golden opportunity to help boost farm performance, lift profitability and improve sustainability.

A shift in customer demands.

Efficiently capturing and using data is critical to navigating the demands on today’s business operators. Increasingly, farmers are expected to prepare a set of “operational accounts” for their many stakeholders, as supply chains and financiers focus on delivering improved ESG outcomes, including climate and emissions reporting.

Consumer demand is driving greater transparency of on-farm practices and food production. Farmers are being required to demonstrate high standards for animal welfare, people, water management, GHG emissions and food safety. International brands are increasingly requiring milk and meat processors to validate and measure what is happening on-farm. Consequently, every New Zealand farmer who supplies a processor is required to capture their operational data to ensure the country can live up to global climate commitments, support customer claims and keep regulators happy.

These reporting requirements are adding a significant burden on the already time-poor farmer. Trev’s role is to streamline these reporting processes, allowing the farmer to “shut the gate” on reporting in less than 10 minutes a week. By using Trev, the farmer only has to enter data once to capture productivity, sustainability and profitability insights, at the same time as meeting his or her compliance requirements.

Trev provides farmers with visibility of progress against KPIs.

Trev allows farmers to build and control their farm database.

As farmers we have a broad range of operational data to navigate; some of this is partially automated such as milk and meat outputs while other datasets are not as easily accessible or available in usable format. In addition, some data points - both quantitative and qualitative - can only be originated by the farm business itself. Trev provides a tool to bring these together with ease, constructing a database of operational information to draw rich insights.

Built as a farmer-centric tool to make data capture and decision making quick and easy, Trev breaks the sometimes overwhelming annual reporting requirements down into little-and-often bite-sized chunks. The user is guided through a weekly reporting framework that takes less than 10 mins to complete.

Trev stores, structures and scrutinises the info captured, pairing with external data sources, to deliver a high quality operational dataset that you own and controls.

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For dairy farmers, milk production data is automatically imported daily from the major New Zealand milk processors, including Fonterra, Synlait, Miraka, Westland and Open Country. All of this information is then instantly available to view and analyse in a range of easy to consume templated and customisable dashboards to provide valuable operational insights about a farming business.

You can also permission your Trev data and insights to the places it needs to go. This might be the transfer of knowledge between people such as an on-farm team or to off-farm advisors so they can extract value for the role they play in the farming business. Or leveraging this high quality, whole-farm-system information to platforms such as financial software, processors’ quality assurance programmes or the organisations that determine a farm’s licence to operate.

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