Trev and Figured: go together like Red Bands and Stubbies.

Pair your farm and financial data for top-notch decision making.

Trev’s your trusty farm reporting software. Build your farm database with Trev’s weekly reporting process that takes less than ten minutes a week. Track your feed, livestock, fertiliser, milk production, compliance data and more, then access and share your information using Trev’s powerful visual dashboards.

Integrating Trev and Figured aligns your operational and financial data to save time, reduce pain and increase your confidence in your records.

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Remove double entry pain.

No one likes entering the same data twice. Save pain and time with the automatic transfer of livestock data from Trev to your Figured account so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Have a single source of truth.

Getting livestock numbers accurate across your business is never as straightforward as it seems but there’s no need to put up with inconsistent numbers being reported in different places. Get your operational and financial numbers in sync with the Figured integration so that all your stakeholders can sing from the same song sheet when it comes to stock reconciliations.

Use the right tool for the job.

Having an automated flow of accurate livestock data in both your operational and financial reporting systems means your team can use their preferred tools. Those on the ground running the farm can stick with Trev as their go-to tool, without needing to access the financial reporting system. Similarly, your in-house finance team or accountant can prepare their reports with Trev livestock numbers that automatically appear in Figured, without having to make heads or tails of underlying livestock rec data.

Stay in control.

Choose how your data flows between platforms and make the integration really work for your business. The auto-sync option provides an instant, zero-touch flow of livestock events into Figured as soon as they’re entered in Trev. Or if your organisation needs a little more control of the process, we’ve got you covered with the ability to directly review and synchronise events so Figured is only updated as and when you want it to be.

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