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Chances are you’re not the only person that’s interested in your operation so some level of farm reporting is required. Trev lets you say goodbye to fiddly spreadsheets and save precious time with a tool that works on any smart device. Let’s face it, no one likes reporting but with Trev you can get the process done in 5-10 minutes a week.

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Your data on its own is great but it is even more powerful when given context. Once you’ve built your Trev database, quickly and easily pair farm info within your company, regional hubs or discussion groups or simply compare against your Trev preloaded targets to monitor performance. You also have the option to pair data with  Trev partners like milk processors and monitor farms to get a handle on where things are at.

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No need to spend time juggling data in spreadsheets, instantly access info in meaningful ways throughout the season. Trev displays your farm data in user-friendly dashboards and reports so you can stay across compliance, monitor trends, and make those all-important on-farm decisions. Is your accountant or banker asking for more detail? No worries, Trev’s detailed reports provide the granularity your rural professionals need. 

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Use Trev’s advanced filtering, sorting and colouring tools to discover trends and patterns in your data. Get powerful insights into what’s happening across your operation. Find out how current production levels vary by soil type, see how livestock losses vary by management type or how pasture growth varies by location.  We’re continually refining Trev’s discovery tools through machine learning to give you the insights that matter. 

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Having a clear picture of what’s happening on-farm is essential for making informed decisions with your team. Trev’s redefining how to connect the farm with those outside the farm gate. Take advantage of a range of access levels to let your trusted circle retrieve the info you want directly from Trev in real-time. Provide stakeholder visibility via shareable links, PDF reports or downloadable CSV files. With Trev, you’re in control of your data and can share what you want with who you want, when you want.

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“Data we collate is used to prepare a range of reports at different levels; individual farm reports for our sharemilkers to review their own performance and share with their staff, benchmarking reports for internal management and the Board of Directors, as well as compliance reporting.”Craig McBeth, CEO, 7 farms, Canterbury and Southland

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