The Tune Up

Welcome to Trev's podcast series

One season, six episodes, twelve passionate industry people yarning about their insights and experiences inside and outside the farmgate. Hosted by Will Burrett, brought to you by Trev. 

Farming is a complex business and there are plenty of aspects of the operation to monitor and measure - whether that's financials, feed, livestock, nutrients, compliance, people, or something else entirely.  Over the next six episodes we’re talking to passionate industry people at different stages of their careers with the aim to transfer some knowledge and hopefully help support your decision making. 

Tune in to season one:

Episode 1: The age of authenticity

Julia Jones, Murray King

Consumers are demanding more transparency in food so how do we prove our on farm story and add value to our products to unlock premiums?

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Episode 2: You can only spend a dollar once 

Brent Goldsack, Simon Le Heron

You can always go after a quick buck, but whether it's sustainable or not is key.

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Episode 3: 50 shades of hay 

Jim van der Poel, Richard Townshend
System 1 or System 5 all the best farms understand the principles of how to get the best out of their pasture.

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Episode 4: Licence to operate 

Cam Henderson, Gin Loughnan 

The evolution of farming has seen us shift from productivity, to profitability, and now the focus has to expand to recognise the environmental impact.

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Episode 5: Passion and progression 

Ash-Leigh Campbell, Colin Glass 

Dairy farming, a pathway of opportunity - bringing the right people in and up through an organisation. 

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Episode 6: All Trevved up 

Steve Atkinson, Tangaroa Walker

The hustle of farming today and the role farm reporting plays. 

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