Switching to Trev: Jolene Germann

Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference no matter what role you’re in.

We spoke to Southland dairy farmer, dairy environment leader, and farm consultant, Jolene Germann after she put Trev to the test. In Jolene’s role as a farm consultant she provides a wide range of services to her 40 clients, such as feed budgeting, financial budgets, HR support, governance advice, environmental advice, and benchmarking.

Jolene and some of her clients are coming into their second season of working with Trev. 

A new level of insight and oversight.

Jolene looks after approximately 40 farms so being able to compare multiple farms through the analytics section provides some valuable insight.

By being able to group and compare farms any red flags can be identified for immediate attention. “The detailed reports and Trev’s visual dashboards in the analytics section compare all farms within a group and make it easy for me to spot outliers”.

Make adjustments at the right time and measure farm performance from a distance.

One of the biggest challenges Jolene can face in her role as a farm consultant is getting timely and accurate on-farm information. Trev helps with this headache.

By logging in to Trev, Jolene has access to her clients’ on-farm information in real time which can help her to make decisions swiftly.

“To help out as things happen, I need to be able to get timely and accurate information from my clients. Trev gives me the ability to get up-to-date information about a farm, or multiple farms, that can be shared instantly and with a network of people.” 

Quality in, quality out.

Initially Jolene was apprehensive that the reporting aspect of Trev would take too long and data entry would not be completed by farm staff. However, she has been pleasantly surprised and the on-farm teams have responded positively to using the reporting platform.

Trev’s reporting mechanism guides Jolene’s clients’ on-farm teams through a simple process that minimises the pain of farm reporting and maximises the time she can spend analysing data.

 “One hesitation I had about the software is that it would take too long for data entry to be completed and that farm staff would not do this – it hasn’t.”