New collaboration set to make Trev the favourite tool of dairy women

10 September 2020 — ​Dairy Women’s Network have connected with kiwi farm reporting software Trev, to ease the burden of on-farm reporting for their membership base.

Launched this month, the collaboration provides Dairy Women’s Network members with an offer to connect the farm, staff, directors, owners, rural professionals and discussion groups. 

As a not-for-profit organisation, the Network aims to provide dairy women around the country with access to the technology and training to help them progress in the industry, says Jules Benton, CEO of the Dairy Women’s Network.

“Our collaboration with Trev provides another tool for our members’ on-farm toolboxes, and farm reporting software is right up there when it comes to making timely decisions, maximising productivity or minimising loss.”

Trev allows farmers to build their own database of operational information in an easy to use, easy to share format. Designed to take the pain out of on-farm reporting, Trev replaces the monthly spreadsheet with smaller weekly reports and the ability to record things like livestock and feed events while out in the paddock. Reports take less than ten minutes per week.

“As farmers we’re expected to manage a complex business, and the process of gathering and sharing information can sometimes be challenging and time consuming, especially in today’s environment where we’re having to re-evaluate how we connect and share info with those outside the farm gate,” says Scott Townshend, CEO of Trev. 

Trev eliminates the time needed to consolidate data with a range of automated dashboards and reports based on farming-specific KPIs. Supervisors, administrators and stakeholders can monitor and compare farm performance at a hub, region or company-wide level, use accurate information to make financial and strategic decisions, or get the lay of the land from a distance.

Whether Trev users are contract- or share-milking, overseeing multiple farms or working as rural professionals, using Trev weekly keeps data up to date and accurate at all times, enabling informed decisions and data to be readily shared with stakeholders.

“We see the Dairy Women’s Network as an important pillar of the dairy industry so it’s exciting to kick off the first of many industry collaborations with Jules and the team. We have created Trev to be something that all good farmers should utilise, and the tools and resources that the Network provides their members is second to none. We’re very proud of this collaboration.”


For more information:
Scott Townshend, CEO of Trev
021 056 6770

Zellara Holden, Dairy Women’s Network Partner Relationships, Communications and Marketing Manager
021 177 0300

Photo; supplied; Pictured with Trev CEO Scott Townshend, Dairy Women’s Network CEO Jules Benton is excited by the possibilities that a collaboration with Trev offers their members.

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