Media Release: Trev and Figured partnership

Figured and Trev delivering a faster, more frictionless approach to NZ dairy and livestock farm management

Auckland — 11 December 2020 —
​Figured​ and ​Trev​ are thrilled to announce that they are building an integration that will remove pain points for livestock and dairy farmers across NZ, by allowing for accurate and real-time livestock data transfer between the two platforms.

The automated transfer of data between the two platforms speeds up the farm management process and avoids double entry of data, ultimately connecting the entire process onto a single platform. The integration is led with a vision of making their customers’ lives simpler, easier and frictionless.

Figured is a farm financial management platform, allowing the entire farming team to work from the same set of financial data and livestock trackers, anywhere, at any time. Trev is a reporting and insights platform that allows farmers to build their own database of operational information in an easy to use, easy to share format.

By integrating the two platforms, this allows for data to carry through from Trev into the Figured platform, creating a faster and more efficient process of livestock data management. Ultimately, this removes double entry pain points, data discrepancies, and allows for combined data for amplified value, reporting and analysis.

“We’re so excited to see this integration come to life and explore the benefits that this will bring to our users before the planning season next year. This is a true example of the power of connecting up the wider agri data ecosystem, removing friction and serving up new value. Ultimately, we want farm financial management to be simplified for NZ farmers, so they can really focus on what’s important to them,” says Sarah Dobson, GM - Strategic Partnerships, Figured.

“It’s exciting to be working with another NZ tech company that shares our ethos around genuine value-add to primary sector businesses. Speaking from personal experience, farm data accuracy is always a challenge and added to that is the need to manage the same information across different platforms. This integration will go a long way towards solving that,” says Scott Townshend, CEO, Trev.

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