10 Reasons to Get Trev in Your Toolbox

Farming is a complex business and the process to gather and share information can be challenging. Here at Trev we think every farm needs a bloody good engine behind it. We asked Trev Customer Relationship Manager, Corey Hudson, the key reasons why our users rate having Trev in their toolbox.

1. Designed for farmers, by farmers, Trev’s fit for purpose, taking farm reporting to the cloud and making it easy for everybody. No more fumbling your way around a messy spreadsheet where you can accidentally change formulas.

2. The weekly data collection process takes less than 10 minutes, and covers pasture, nitrogen and fertiliser, supplementary feed, livestock, repairs and maintenance, compliance, commentary and more.

3. For multi-farm operators, Trev means no more time spent chasing down and aggregating multiple reporting spreadsheets for each farm. Each manager has an up-to-date list of reports telling them what needs to be completed and when they are due.

4. Trev allows multiple users to have access to the platform, meaning anyone in your team can dive in and see all the information they need when they need it.

5. Trev’s range of multi- and single-farm reports can be shared via PDF, a shareable read-only link or by exporting CSV data. Your data is always yours and you can have it how you want it.

6. Trev can partition information so that users can only see and complete what you want them to. You have complete control over your data.

7. The Farm Comparison Dashboard allows you to effortlessly compare a range of operational metrics with your farm staff, shareholders, farm consultants or even your discussion group.

8. The Group Performance Report allows key stakeholders to see how your farms are performing at a hub, region or company-wide level.

9. Trev automatically imports milk production data daily from milk processors, including Fonterra, Synlait, Miraka, Westland and Open Country. No more manual imports of your actual milk production data. 

10. The Trev team is here to support you at the click of a button with our in-app live chat support.

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